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decibel meter

Founded in 1996, China ELE Electric Products Co., Ltd is professional decibel meter manufacturer and supplier specializing in developing and producing all kinds of electrical products and accessories. As an enterprise certified by ISO9001 system strictly, we have also got many safety certificates, such as CB, SEMKO, FIMKO, ESC, CCC, VED, UL, CE etc. We have great capacity to develop new decibel meters products, plastics and mental products according to our clients.

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decibel meter
Type 2 sound level meter meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards
Measures sound in two ranges from 35 to 130dB
Slim design is ideal for portable use
Backlit display for use in dark areas
Type 2 sound level meter meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards. Ideal for noise surveys in the workplace, installing fire alarms and speaker systems and enforcing noise ordnances. Measures from 35 to 130dB in two ranges with an accuracy of ±1.5dB. Data hold and Max hold functions. Backlit display allows use in dimly lit areas. Complete with microphone wind screen and 9V battery. Two-range meter with backlit display can be used for enforcing community noise ordinances, meeting government safety issues (OSHA), installing audio systems, and product noise certification and reduction. 1-year limited warranty. Includes internal battery and calibration tests. Comes complete with instrution manual and carrying case. The meter operates on a 9V battery. Dimensions: 3"x 6"x 2". Net weight: 3/4 lb.
decibel meters
3-mode selectable SL/Leq/LN
A/C Weighting
Easy Calibration with ND6 & ND9 Calibrators (not included)
Wide Frequency Response
1 Year Warranty
Measuring range from 30 to 130dB. 1.5 dB accuracy meets ANSI and IEC 651 type 2 standards
A or C weighting. Slow or Fast response. Min/Max and Max Hold. SOUND LEVEL METER, DIGITAL W/ RS232 INTERFACE. Whether you're testing for OSHA compliance, quieting equipment, or monitoring the roar of a stadium crowd, Mastech's Sound Level Meter can get the job done. Model # SL5818 Sound Level Meter provides 40-125 dB capability in three different modes, General Sound Level, Simple Equivalent Continuous Sound level & Automatic Statistic Analysis with an accuracy of ± 1.5 dB. The meter meets the IEC 651 Type II and includes frequency weighting A & C and fast and slow dynamic time weighting. This low cost meter can quickly and accurately measure ambient noise up to 120dB. Perfect for testing sound levels in the work place, car audio, public address system set up and much more. Two ranges increase accuracy (40-80dB, 80-120dB). A weighted (ANSI) frequncy measurements.
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